Logic in the Talmud

A Thematic Compilation by Avi Sion

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10. The Logic of Analogy

10. The Logic of Analogy


Drawn from forthcoming book The Art of Logic.


I analyzed in some detail the basic formalities of the argument by analogy close to ten years ago in my book A Fortiori Logic. I there showed in what ways it resembles and differs from a fortiori argument. How…

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Table of Contents


1.         A Fortiori in the Talmud

1.         Brief history of a fortiori

2.         A brief course in the relevant logic

3.         A fresh analysis of Mishna Baba Qama 2:5

4.         A logician’s reading of Numbers 12:14-15

5.  …

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9. The Sinai Connection


We shall now look into the issue of the Sinaitic origin of Talmudic/Rabbinic hermeneutics.


1.Verdict on rabbinic hermeneutics

I have no doubt that certain doctrinaire defenders of Judaism will be very upset with me for the devastating deconstruction of Rabbinic hermeneutics in th…

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Main References


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